Nice Review

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Nice review of our teaser trailer and upcoming series…


Teaser Trailer now LIVE!

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As seen during Comic-Con 2010 at the “Celebrate The Web” off-site panel…

Continuum & Celebrate The Web (at Comic-Con)

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So, we will be on the “forum” (ie. offsite panel) for “Celebrate The Web” at Comic-Con on Saturday July 24th at the Bristol Hotel – across the street from the San Deigo Convention Center…

Here’s some coverage from NewTeeVee about the event:

If you’re attending Comic-Con, please stop by and support some great web content creators! :)

As usual, see more info at our Facebook page

Thank you.

New Teaser Poster

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Here’s a new teaser poster for the series.  As usual, please check our Facebook page for the latest greatest goings on with the post-production and upcoming distribution of the show. Thanks!

Facebook Gets Most Attention…

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If you’re reading this, thank you for checking out our blog, but truthfully we are having a tendency of updating our Facebook page a lot more often than here. Once the show is done – and we redesign this page – we’ll have more up to date info on a regular basis… but long story short (and for now), please visit our Facebook Fan Page for the most recent news…


Post-Production Starts Today!

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We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re getting started today on what should be a very fun journey…

There is tons of footage to go through too. We shot two cameras for the most part, but in many scenes we shot THREE cameras. The audio syncing alone is daunting (we’re using a cool FCP plugin called Plural Eyes to help though).

We’re also starting on our spaceship CGI shots through our main VFX house next week. However, we’ll be using several other folks to help with the fairly large amount of VFX shots we have in the show (and of course fairly limited budget). :)

For the most recent news please join our Facebook Fan Page ( or follow us on Twitter @ContinuumTV.

Thanks for the support!

First Production Still

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Here’s our first released still from the shoot. It’s Melanie Merkosky as ‘Raegen’.